H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University 

Institute of Postgraduate Education and Management

Черновол-Ткаченко Р І

Raisa Chernovol

Director of Postgraduate education institute of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University after H.S. Skovoroda.  Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, the Excellence in Education of Ukraine.

Raisa Chernovol has gratitude from a President of Ukraine. Deputy of the district council. She is awarded with the diploma of Ministry of Education of Ukraine, was awarded by Kharkov Mayor, winner of the regional competition in 2011 «Вища школа  Харківщини — кращі імена» in the nomination  “The Head of department”.

Educational department of the Institute


Irina Rachynska, methodist


Alla Chigrinova, methodist


Olena Skliarenko, secretary

The institute  of Post-Graduate studies trains specialists with higher education by assigning appropriate qualifications (specialist, master) of the following specialties: “Management of the institution”, “Management and Administration (education)”. Postgraduate Institute provides training managers and teachers of secondary schools, psychologists, teachers, educational institutions І–ІІ  accreditation levels.


Addresses: 61168, Kharkiv city, Blucher (Valentynivska) street 2 (subway station «Studentska”), building B, room 210 (Educational department), 211 (Admissions Committee), 217 (Deputy Director), 218 (Director of Postgraduate education institute).

Telephones: +380503258934, +380972730521, +380662802320, +380637631220, +380505157004.

E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected].

Department of scientific fundamentals of management 

The Professorial and Teaching staff: candidates of science – 6, professors – 3, docents – 3.

The areas of scientific foundations management Department activity

The department participates in training of specialists with higher education for brief term of training (the second higher education):

  • training of management staff;
  • training of secondary school teachers and employees of preschool education;
  • training of psychologists.

For providing optimal management training activities, were created two sectors:

  • scientific fundamentals of management and pedagogy;
  • psychology.

 The scientific, teaching and methodical activities

The department organizes scientific researches within the overall complex theme: “Scientific basis of management education and its psychological support.”

Every year (March – April) passes scientific conference, which in 2014 received the status of All-Ukrainian. To participate in it were invited members of the department, ICE students, practitioners, scientists from other universities and related departments.

At the department are:

  • scientific-methodological seminar;
  • management workshops;
  • psychological living room.

Each of the teaching and professor`s staff performs scientific work that is part of the overall theme of the department.

Scientific achievements of the department – a collective member of the Editorial Board nationwide scientific-methodical journal “School Management “.

Published: 120 books, education method manuals, guidance, 10 training manuals are classified  by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

 Черновол-Ткаченко Раїса Іванівна

Raisa Chernovol – candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of Postgraduate education institute. She has 72 publishings. Among them 57 scientific, 28 of which in professional journals; 15 education method manuals, including 3 publishings are approved by Ministry of Education and Scienc e of Ukraine. She prepared 4 candidates of pedagogical sciences. Fields of research: the development and updating professional competence of the institution head.

 Мармаза Олександра Іванівна

Oleksandra  Marmaza – candidate of pedagogical science, Professor of the Department. Head of scientific fundamentals of management and psychology. She has 120 publications. Among them 28 education method manuals, including 1 – is approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; 33 articles in professional journals; 61 publication – in other scientific journals. She prepared 4 candidates of pedagogical sciences. Fields of research: theoretical and methodological bases of formation about the future head of strategic development management of the institution  readiness.

Гречаник Олена Євгенівна

Olena Grechanyk – candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, A.M of the Ukrainian Academy of acmeological sciences, docent.  She has 70 publications, including: 51 – scientific (49 – Articles, including 13 in professional journals, 2 – abstracts); 7 – teaching (5 – training manuals, 2 – guidelines); 5 – methodical. Fields of research: acmeological approach to the management of the institution; management of educational.

Професорсько-викладацький склад кафедри НОУ

Yevgen Kailukcandidate of economics science, Professor of the Department.

Темченко Ольга Василівна

Olga Temchenko – candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent. She has 50 publications, including: 35 – scientific (34  Articles, including 12 in professional journals, 1 – abstracts); 7 – teaching (5 – training manuals, 2 – guidelines); 8 – methodical. Fields of research: the theory and practice of educational institution. Development of pedagogical creativity of teachers.

Хлєбнікова Таліна Миколаївна

Talina Khliebnikova – candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent. She has 100 publications (72 written individually), of which 78 – Scientific (77 – articles, including 20 in professional journals, 1 – study guide) and 18 educational-methodical (2 – textbooks, 15 teaching aids; 5 – guidelines). Fields of research: managing the implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process of school education.

Pedagogical staff

Астахова Людмила Миколаївна

Lyudmila Astakhova, senior laboratory assistant of office management

 E-mail: [email protected]

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